Before contacting us with questions or concerns, be sure to read the FAQ'S below for answers to some of the more common questions.

Q: Do I have to register my players with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) in order to participate in Victory Sports Enterprises, LLC (VSE) events?
A: No you do not, though AAU does provide an excellent source for player insurance, quality tournaments, etc.

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable to VSE?
A: Money orders through the mail. Online registration is available on this site as well!  

Q: Will VSE hold a spot for me in one of its tournaments if I call ahead in advance?
A: No.  Due to the large amount of teams wanting to register, no spots can be guaranteed without payment received by the entry cut-off.

Q: I just found out about an upcoming VSE event but the entry deadline passed yesterday.  Can I still enter the event?
A: Occasionally there are still spaces left. To find out if one is available, call 614-353-5850 immediately.

Q: At what point do I know that I am officially registered for a VSE event?
A: At the point that you have sent both your entry fee and your completely filled out registration form.

Q: My team is a 15U team except for one player.  She is my least skilled player, but she is 16U.  Do we have to play 16U, or can we play 15U?
A: You have to play your AAU age group, which would be 16U, unless you request in writing, permission from the Tournament Director.  You must then bring this documentation with you to the tournament, in case of a protest.  Please understand that good, safe, fair competition is the desire of the tournament staff.  If you purposely try to trick the tournament staff and play a player that is much better that you explained, despite written permission, you will not be welcome back to future VSE events.

Q: When and where can I find out my schedule?  What if I need help with hotels, directions, etc?
A: VSE, as a standard policy, tries to have all tournament schedules posted on this website by 5:00 PM on the Monday of the week before the tournament.  In addition to schedules and pools, VSE typically will also post driving directions, hotel information (often with discounts to the host hotels), previous results (typically posted within 1 week of the conclusion of the event), etc.  If you still need additional help, send us an email or phone call!

Q: Upon arriving at a VSE event, do we have to register our team at some sort of check-in desk?
A: Each VSE tournament is different.  Most of the college exposure tournaments do require checking your team in upon arrival.  Please carefully read the rules for each tournament so that you can properly follow them.

Q: If I have already registered for a VSE event, but then realize I cannot participate, can I get a refund of my team fee?
A: It is the policy of VSE to not issue any refunds, though we generally will issue a refund if we can find a replacement team for your spot.  We always strive to be fair with everyone, and appreciate you doing the same with us.  If you no show an event, you will likely not be invited back to another VSE event.

Q: Does VSE provide warm-up basketballs?
A: No.  It is your responsibility to bring warm-up basketballs, and to secure them from theft from other teams and players.  

Q: Does VSE honor schedule requests?
A: VSE will make all attempts to honor schedule requests, though it does not make any promises.  When dealing with such a large number of teams in each event, it is sometimes impossible to grant every single schedule request made of us.