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To register for future events click on "Tournaments" on the left-hand side. Once that page loads you should select "Register Now" (in red font) just below the name of the event.

Welcome to Victory Sports Enterprises, LLC, your tournament host for 2017! Please take a moment to check out the links on the left-hand side, and see all that we have to offer. We believe that we can offer you one of the best tournament experiences that you have ever had. Our tournaments feature a professional staff to assure smooth tournament operations, on time games, nice facilities, and a safe and fun atmosphere to play ball in. Good luck to every team this upcoming season!

Additionally Victory Sports Enterprises, LLC will continue to offer an elite division  for national level teams in the "C-Bus Classic". The "C-Bus Classic" is going into the 17th year for this awesome tournament!

2017 Columbus Memorial Classic schedule available by clicking here!

Note that you can download the Ohio Basketball app (free download) if you\'d like to follow along with your favorite teams with close to real time updates. If you already have the App and you are not able to see the schedule correctly, check to see if you have an available update as a new one came out recently. Without the new update you will not be able to fully use the App.

Gym Address for the Columbus Memorial Classic are (New Covenant Believers Church / 3400 Kohr Blvd / Columbus, OH 43224 and Capital University-Cap Center / 2199 East Main Street / Columbus, OH 43209).

Concessions should be available at each event, typically including beverages (bottled water, sports/energy drinks, soda pop, etc), candy, fruits, and hot foods (pizza, hot dogs, etc).

Important!  Please carefully read the new concussion policy by clicking here!