Schedules should be posted by Tuesday or Wednesday of the week of the tournament.

C-Bus Classic

We will have a team check-in (for the head coach only--the players do not need to check in) at the "Gate" when you arrive for your first game.  Each coach is allowed a maximum of two coaches through the "Gate" for free.

Be sure to check back often for updates. We will not make any schedule changes after 10:00 AM the Friday morning of the tournament unless absolutely necessary. Should this ever occur we will call you directly to inform you of the changes.

New this year: We are doing real-time score updates on our website throughout the tournament. While we will continue to update wall brackets at each site, this will allow you to go online to quickly see results and to see where you play on Sunday as soon as it becomes available!

Every effort was made to not only fulfill all schedule requests, but to also accommodate out of town teams with regard to their start time. Unfortunately we were not able to meet every request. We also apologize for the small handful of you who ended up with a schedule spread out over the majority of the day. This is something we strive hard to avoid, but sometimes are unable to. This schedule is a final draft unless changes need to be made to correct an error. Please notify us of any errors at vsebasketball@aol.com.