Columbus Memorial Classic

The 3nd annual "Columbus Memorial Classic" will take place May 27-28, 2017 in Columbus, OH. This event has been moved from Pittsburgh, PA where it took place for 12 years under the name "Iron City Memorial Classic". This event is especially designed for B/C level teams, though A teams may participate if they are willing to play up in age by one to two age divisions, depending on their team strength.

The gym locations for this year will be Gahanna Lincoln High School. Additional area gyms will be used as needed.

The event format will be a 3-game guarantee with a cost of $285 per team. We will continue to honor multi-team discounts on an individual basis. Please call 614-353-5850 to learn more.

Available age groups are grade based. Girls (only) divisions include 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.

Please note that this event will follow slightly different rules than the C-Bus Classic as listed below:

The mercy rule in the second half takes effect when one team is up by 20 or more points in which case the clock becomes continuous until the lead becomes 19 points of less.

Three full timeouts will be given per game with no carryover to overtime. One new timeout will be added for the first overtime only.

Overtime: The first overtime will be 3 minutes in length.  Each additional overtime will be 1 minute long.

2016 Results (Posted: Wednesday, 15th Feb 2017 02:14:34 PM)

Varsity GoldOhio Lady Hoops 10
9/10 GoldOhio Lady Hoops 9/8
7/8 GoldSMAC Central OH 6-Stare
5/6 GoldOhio Lady Hoops 6

 Runner Up
Varsity GoldFusion
9/10 GoldOhio Lady Hoops 8/9
7/8 GoldOhio Lady Hoops 7
5/6 GoldOhio Lady Hoops 5

2015 Results (Posted: Monday, 25th May 2015 08:19:25 AM)

Varsity GoldFusion
Varsity ConsolationOhio Lady Force-Nelms
8/9 GoldOhio Lady Hoops 7
8/9 ConsolationSMAC Central OH-Russell
6 GoldOhio Lady Hoops
5 GoldOhio Lady Hoops

 Runner Up
Varsity GoldSMAC Central OH-Webb
Varsity ConsolationSEO Extreme
8/9 GoldSMAC Central OH-Krofft
8/9 ConsolationOhio Lady Hoopsters-Dorris
6 GoldSMAC Lady Cats 5
5 GoldOhio Sports Plus Cavs